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by Hindu Astrology 14. January 2012 10:22

A fourth house Pluto usually indicates deep compulsive feelings that you will attempt to suppress and keep buried in the unconscious. Such a person may even present a cold face to others, afraid to reveal his true feelings in case they release an overwhelming storm of emotion. It is particularly in the domestic sphere that you will feel the greatest unease. Vaguely suspicious of other people's motivations, you may very well become a centre of tension. It is probable that these inner conflicts are the result of early emotional experience or parental conflicts that you have not fully come to terms with.

Early experiences may have led a person with a fourth house Pluto to feel self-protective or to be secretive about himself. A parent might have been secretive or ashamed, for example, and this pattern is deeply ingrained in your psyche. a person with a fourth house Pluto might feel a sense of guilt for where he came from, even if most of him feels proud of his roots. A parent might have encouraged you to look beyond the surface of matters, and might have encouraged in you a love for psychology. A parent might have been very protective of you and attempted to shield you from negative experiences, and you subsequently grew to fear change. Or, your early experiences might have included a shocking, intense, or scary event that lives within you. Alternatively, you might have absorbed the strong fears or obsessions of a parent.

The domestic life of a person with a fourth house Pluto may have gone through an upheaval at a time when you were emotionally vulnerable, or you may have experienced one of your parents as a powerful and dominating personality. On the other hand, your early home life may have been experienced as a source of emotional stability, and you were protected, perhaps to the extent that you felt your own individuality was being overwhelmed and suppressed. Whatever the case, your domestic life and deeper feelings will undergo periodic changes throughout your life.

Those born with a fourth house Pluto may have experienced something dramatic in the family home, and whatever it was it can sometimes make them feel isolated and rootless. Perhaps there was much that was hidden or secret in their childhood, and this has changed them indefinitely. According to modern astrology the fourth house rules the father, and everything we inherit from our immediate family. A fourth house Pluto can show early intimidation, and the father may appear threatening to the child, even if his behavior has unwarranted this powerful reaction. On the other hand, the father may have had a profound affect on the individual growing up, and his absence leaves psychological wounds. Another possibility is that he had difficulty in expressing his emotions, suffered from deep depression, and so when he erupted the violence of his reactions frighten a young child. The father may have been over-demanding, over-controlling, over-protective or jealous.


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