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A person with an eleventh house Pluto needs his friends to grow in life. His friends acts as agents who help in his growth and development throughout his life. Such a person’s friends may be powerful and influential. They may leave such a person and might not be heard from in a long time. A person with an eleventh house Pluto may also be drawn to such groups who play this role in society. No matter what the case is, your friends and groups will be the building blocks of your growth in life. Such a person may have a deep aversion to groups, associations, clubs, or organizations of any kind. These groups and friendships will be for intense personal growth, change or healing.

A person with an eleventh house Pluto can also be sometimes influenced by the dreams of others. Such a person may also try and follow them. Such a person does not believe in sitting on the sidelines and takes control of the group he is in. Once such a person is awakened to his own ideals, drives and directives, he can be a highly influential leader and instigator of social change.

A person with an eleventh house Pluto may feel unease in group situations. Such a person may feel as if the whole group is trying to control him. This placement also helps a person in getting involved in something bigger than himself which may be remembered even after his death. Such a person can be drawn to groups that are interested in reforming outdated social structures. There is also a possibility of sexual rivalry or power struggles among friends. A person with an eleventh house Pluto may feel the need to use deceitfulness and shrewdness in order to achieve his goals and objectives. He will also be able to justify these traits in his life. Such a person has deep and long lasting friendships which mutual support and understanding.

Loyalty is extremely important to people with an eleventh house Pluto. People with mostly find such a person to be charismatic. They perhaps see such a person as the rebel or the reformer or idealist. Such a person is dedicated to high ideals which may be used for the benefit of the whole mankind. Such people can be great leaders who work for the benefits of others. A person with an eleventh house Pluto will be the main cause of disputes and arguments in friendships. Such a person will also frequently change his residence that would hamper the growth of his friendships and relationships. Some remedies for an eleventh house Pluto are as follows :

  • Clean your environment. Throw out what you do not need.
  • Indulge in a lot of physical activity.
  • Embrace a new beginning. 


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