Pisces in Ninth House | 9th House Pisces

by Hindu Astrology 13. March 2012 14:30

A ninth house Pisces provides the native with a natural desire to investigate the philosophical tenets and perceptions. Such a person conducts his study with fervor and usually ends up making necessary sacrifices to complete his study. The native with this placement seeks satisfaction and can go to any extent to obtain philosophical truths of life. He is inclined towards the study of psychic and occult, but although he will be well-informed he will not take it very seriously.

A ninth house Pisces give native several opportunities to make overseas voyages. His financial condition will always be able to fulfil his desires for travelling. Such a person may never travel vast distances physically, but experiences adventures of the mind and the imagination. This position indicates long journeys and visits to foreign lands. The best form of transportation would be by sea such as cruise. The native requires a well planned travel itinerary, but there is always a possibility for unknown conditions to enter and require a change of schedule or other unforeseen circumstances that have to be dealt with. Such a person often has difficulty coping with the practicalities of travel and study

A ninth house Pisces plays a major role in developing the sense of religion in the native.This placemen indicates  idealistic and visionary philosophical attitude of the native that he follows throughout his life. Such a person is drawn to codified thinking that has been formulated by others who share his views and opinions on important issues. His Inspired insights helps to solve many of his life's major problems. The native is curious to know the motive of live and its existence on earth.

A person with a ninth house Pisces may choose to study or travel for artistic purposes. Religion plays a dominant role in his and  helps in establishing his belief system. A ninth house Pisces tends to have deeply felt convictions about his religious ideology and may make some sacrifices for it. There is a tendency to be drawn to the mystical side of religion or become involved with ceremonies or rituals. The native’s psychic senses are very acute and often reaches a depth that brings unusual religious experience.


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