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by Hindu Astrology 2. February 2012 14:10

A fifth house Pisces makes a person easy going and emotional in love matters. This placement indicates that the native will fall in love very often and easily. He is romantic at heart and too easy with the flow of his emotions. He can feel his emotions deeply and finds it difficult to get away from them. This placement denotes possibility of frustration associated with creative endeavors, romances and children. A person with a fifth house Pisces possesses great intuitive sense. He cannot be fooled easily by anyone, especially in matters of heart. Such a person is very active and enjoys being in intimate associations. He is popular among his friends and social groups.

A fifth house Pisces makes the native talented in entertainment related fields such as acting, singing, writing fictions etc. Such a person may be associated with some kind of theater groups in a casual way. He is a born actor since acting comes to him naturally. Basically, the native with a fifth house Pisces will be able to show his abilities and talent in a better way by working in movies and televisions. He will be well recognized for his writing and acting abilities. Such a person has a strong need to make a mark in the world on the basis of his creativity. He desires to be remembered forever for his creative endeavours.

A fifth house Pisces also indicates luck in gambling and speculations. However, the native usually gambles in an ordinary manner. He resists himself from taking any uncertain risks in speculations. Investment in the performing arts would be beneficial for the native.

A fifth house Pisces indicates a large family. The native is quite capable of upbringing his children in a better way. He will be blessed with more than one children, keeping in consideration other factors as well. Raising children can be difficult and confusing for the native, but he will be able to fulfill his responsibilities successfully. Both the parents may have to make constant sacrifices to fulfill the needs of their children.

A person with a fifth house Pisces tends to be very emotional. His emotions are intense and much deeper inside than they appear on the surface. Such a person is very easy going when it comes to falling in love and expressing himself emotionally. This placement indicates sacrifices, sorrow and unhappiness. The native is capable of making personal sacrifices for his partner. Sometimes, these sacrifices are not even appreciated and go totally into waste. The native should be well prepared for the disapproval of his feelings and emotions by the opposite sex at some point of time in his life. 

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