Pisces in 4th House | 4th House Pisces

by Hindu Astrology 11. January 2012 14:10

A fourth house Pisces signifies an emotional tie with the home and family. The native feels responsible for his family members and is attached to them. He will be blessed with a large family which is subject to varied changes. Such a person is said to be a family man and is well suited for the role that destiny provides him with. He is sentimental about his family and willing to make sacrifices for the loved ones.

A fourth house Pisces brings various changes of fortune during early years of life that affects family conditions in a great way. Life is like a wave for such a person. Nothing is constant, rather ever changing. At times, things will run smoothly and at other times, they will be unsettled and unsatisfactory. A person with a fourth house Pisces works on his own terms. He is subjective with his goals and looks for practical applications to achieve those goals. The native’s upbringing plays a vital role in developing his interests and personality. There may be some unusual condition in and around the house which the native may perceive to be natural, but others might find them odd or strange.

A person with a fourth house Pisces likes to live in a secluded and private place. Such a person has a strong need for domestic peace and seclusion. Given a chance, the native with this placement would not think twice before shifting to a country side. He seeks a house which is peaceful and close to the nature. Such a person feels an emotional attachment to his surroundings and  forms a sentimental connection with the things he values. Home is a place for rest and meditation.

A person with a fourth house Pisces is raised in a large family with lots of brothers and sisters. He shares a healthy and a close relationship with this mother. Such a person forms a strong bond with his family and  creates a place of love and protection for his spouse and children. The latter part of life suggests a considerable amount of variety. Pisces in the fourth house indicates that the last days of the native may be spent in a hospital, nursing home or a similar institution. The closing years of life will be peaceful and anticipate the passing with a mystical longing.


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