Neptune in Ninth House | 9th House Neptune

by Hindu Astrology 3. March 2012 14:10

A ninth house Neptune indicates that the native has strong inclination towards the matters of higher education, philosophy, religion, and travel. Such a person has a highly impressionable and intuitive mind. He is mostly inclined to study or teaching of arts and literature. There is a possibility of some kind of confusion or chaos when it comes to getting a higher education. Good judgment in these areas can be clouded and confused. A person with a ninth house Neptune tends to have a confused state of relationship with in-laws due to lack of compassion and understanding from both ends.

The native with this placement believes in circumstances that can invert the condition of life. Such a person has an extraordinary faith in the universe and its cosmic powers. Sometimes, this faith can lead to laziness as well. The native tends to avoid practical responsibilities and depends too much in the concept of “one day”. A person with a ninth house Neptune tends to have lofty plans, that don't work out and fail to to materialize as a cause of negligence of some practical details.

The spiritual beliefs of the native with a ninth house Neptune are well-developed. Such a person is open to unusual or unique concepts, and is attracted to exotic things. Such a person tends to be an idealistic, reverent, mystical and philosophical in his approach. Religiously and philosophically, the native is attracted to the psychic and mystic areas of life.

A person with a ninth house Neptune is good at promoting and marketing things. Such a person possesses a creative mind of persuasion. He can be a creative and compassionate teacher. The native is advised to keep his larger plans and goals realistic while maintaining the ideals.

Dreams can be very vivid and possibly prophetic. If carried too far, the religious or metaphysical beliefs could border on fanaticism. There is a possibility of long distance travel. However, strange and unforeseen things can occur while traveling long distances. The native has a tendency to travel without much planning or forethought. This placement indicates success abroad, but the native should try to avoid taking up permanent residence abroad since he is likely to face troubles through it. 


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