Neptune in 2nd House | 2nd House Neptune

by Hindu Astrology 22. December 2011 16:30

A person with a second house Neptune does not attach too much value to money. There may be some problems in life concerning money if this is overdone. Such a person usually makes a lot of money through artistic pursuits, but, should not keep much faith in ideas that are too ambitious and unreal. A person with a second house Neptune should always take some financial advice. Such a person tends to act on hunches and intuition when it comes to making money. A person with a second house Neptune usually day dreams about being wealthy and making a lot of money. Such a person should analyze if he is too detached with material things or if he under values himself.

In case of a good second house Neptune, a person has faith in himself and thus, makes a lot of money. If Neptune is challenged, you may be glossing over practical details and money can too easily slip through your fingers. You might be especially generous, but avoid situations where you get the short end of the stick financially speaking if they lead to feelings of resentment. A second house Neptune signifies impracticality, confusion and chaos around resources. It also represents the fantasy and longing for money. A person with a second house Neptune finds it difficult too see the reality of financial matters in life. Such people can give up everything they own and believe that money can even bring emotional closeness. A person with a second house Neptune may also depend on the financial resources of others. There may also be sympathy for those less fortunate or unable to cope with the practical side of life.

The task for a second house Neptune is to feel that true sense of autonomy within and feel sustained by imaginative and non-material resources and pay attention to their material world without becoming its victim. Neptune in any house signifies dreaming and being away from reality. A person with a second house Neptune treats his money and possessions as if they belonged to someone else. With Neptune here, there is sometimes guilt associated with money. Some with a second house Neptune can conceive of large scale financial schemes. Neptune is the plant of imagination. Money ca come from medicine, social work, film, dance etc. Drugs can also be related to a second house Neptune. If you like that area, better make it a legal drug or chemical company, otherwise you’ll land in another Neptune-ruled place, prison.

In case of a second house Neptune, it means that it will be extremely difficult for the native to reach a comfortable relationship with material possessions. Since Neptune dissipates and dissolves, its effect on this material house of supply is generally unsatisfactory. At best, earnings should come from Neptunian pursuits where the image is sold for the real. This includes movies, film making, television and all such expressions where images or masks are employed for effect. In any case, a person with a second house Neptune must make an effort to develop a realistic attitude about money and do not put off the issue.


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