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by Hindu Astrology 8. December 2011 11:20

A person with a twelfth house Neptune needs to have some sort of self discipline. Such a person will have a strong and authentic spiritual or psychic life. Such a person may also have a very strong or a highly intellectual imagination. He may also be prone to hallucinations. A person with a twelfth house Neptune is extremely sensitive. Due to this characteristic, such a person may experience stress on subconscious levels. This may even affect his health adversely. Such a person is always afraid of being confined or locked up. A person with a twelfth house Neptune may also be confused about where he is going in life. Such a person may have disturbing fears related to his emotional self expression unless Neptune is well aspected in the twelfth house.

A twelfth house Neptune is the most sensitive place for Neptune as this is it’s natural ruling house. Such a person is incredibly sensitive to the forces operating in the unconscious. A person with a twelfth house Neptune has a deep sensitivity to society and is highly attuned to victimisation, suffering, loss and chaos. Such a person is naturally psychic and is able to sense and understand much about a person without even knowing him. A person with a twelfth house Neptune can usually have a big ego. This can leave such a person feeling vulnerable without any protective barriers.

A person with a twelfth house Neptune has an exceptional intuition and he is able to draw upon tremendous inner strength when in a dilemma. This attitude might surprise others as such a person is mostly easy going and has a very timid manner. A person with a twelfth house Neptune may be extremely sensitive but unable to express his compassion and concern in direct ways. This can even give rise to feelings of guilt. Such a person may even deny the spiritual side of his nature and this may make such a person to be vulnerable to changes in life. This may arise out of the fear that he may not be able to handle such changes.

A person with a twelfth house Neptune has a deep faith which surfaces when ever he needs it the most. Such a person needs to learn to believe in himself or he might even resort to escapist behaviour and avoid problems when they crop up. Some with this position only discover their deep spiritual inclinations later in life, or they are aware of them but have troubles expressing them until they have built a stronger identity. Hence, self control and self discipline is extremely important for such people.

A person with a twelfth house Neptune is capable of being aware of life on all its levels both visible and invisible, which can be confusing for him as he may see one thing yet feel another. Such a person can become overwhelmed with his inner world as it sorts the vast river of feelings that flood it. A person with a twelfth house Neptune may have a tendency to dwell in memories to the point of replacing the present. Such a person could be directed into psychic abilities and subconscious impressions that can be used to navigate the present.


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