Moon in Eighth House | 8th House Moon

by Hindu Astrology 23. February 2012 16:30

An eighth house Moon indicates that the native will be overly self centered and materialistic. Such a person seems to deny the emotional needs of others in order to fulfill his own. The native with this placement is born to parents who are unable to provide him emotional support that makes him selfish and self centered. This placement also indicates loss of a parent early in life. Such a person tends to be inhibited and emotionally insecure in adult life. A person with an eighth house Moon is quite reserved with his feelings. Such a person does not like to share his feelings and needs with others. He tends to show his true emotions only in a very intimate situation, such as a sexual relationships.

A person with an eighth house Moon is intensely warm towards his friends and family. Such a person is capable of acknowledging sensitivity and deeds of generosity. He tends to suffer at other times when his needs are not valued. The native may even wear a mask of indifference to hide his warmth and sensitivity in these situations. The life of a person with an eighth house Moon is permanently marked by loss or fear of losing a loved one in death. This placement indicates silent hunger for warmth, contact, and sexual response. The  experience of sex will be importance since many needs of the native will revolve around intimate relationships. Such a person tends to be compulsive or obsessive in behavior, especially when emotions are attached to a lover and if passionate feelings move beyond control.

An eighth house Moon is usually linked with the death of the mother. The native may have felt suffocated with an over-protective, smothering and manipulative mother. A person with an eighth house Moon may experience an early death of his mother and the rejection and abandonment he feels thereafter. Such a person is prone to jealousy in relationships associated with the early bonding with his mother. If the Moon in an eighth house is well aspected, it signifies advantages by marriage and legacy and increases the number of children. If the Moon in the eighth house is afflicted, the financial conditions changes for the worse after marriage and inheritances bring lawsuits with them resulting in loss. 


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