Moon in 6th House | 6th House Moon

by Hindu Astrology 3. February 2012 14:10

A person with a sixth house Moon is usually very sincere at work. People with a sixth house Moon are very much concern about the productivity and accomplishment of their work besides which they always wants it to be best and for the same reasons dissatisfaction from work leads them towards disturbed mental appearance. Such people are usually prone to stress when it comes to work. This attitude makes them unstable in professional life and hence they usually change jobs frequently. These people also confront some problems in their educational path. People with a sixth house Moon are very sweet to their colleagues which can somehow annoy other people. Such people give all the assistance to the their colleagues when it comes to work. Such people may also face frequent health problems due to the stress that is involved with work. People with a sixth house Moon are usually very emotionally attached to their work and hence they are peaceful and at ease whenever they are busy with their work.

People with a sixth house Moon are usually very considerate towards their fellow workers and desire to nurture them in a productive work environment. Service to others is a fine outlet for their personality. Moodiness and sensitivity can be a problem, though. As mentioned earlier, fluctuations in health are possible, perhaps mostly due to worry and feelings of insecurity. Emotional tension along with digestive troubles indicate the need to relax. People with a sixth house Moon should stop worrying. They should not eat when overworked, overtired, or when they are upset. People with a sixth house Moon should take care of their health and diet. Such people are usually totally involved with their work situation. They can be workaholics. Many job changes are possible and working with the public or with women is indicated.

A sixth house Moon suggests that you are the type of person who can be depended upon to provide a variety of services to those around you. If things need improving, editing, refining or reforming, you will be the one to give suggestions and follow through with personal effort to get the job done. You have a very restless nature and you're apt to make a number of job changes in your lifetime. You're a worrier, and you are better off in a situation that doesn't produce excesses of emotional tension.

You have an emotional need to be useful, to work productively, to be organized and on top of things, and to lead a healthy life. If these matters are chaotic in your life, it's a symptom of emotional unrest. You need a lot of variety on the job to be stimulated and engaged in order to feel happy. You are very sensitive, and especially aware of minor health annoyances or body aches and pains. Some of you have hypochondriac symptoms. Some attempt to get out of things they don't want to do by emphasizing health problems or even exaggerate illnesses in order to gain sympathy. At your best, however, you're a person who always helps out and shows your affection for others in practical ways in order to help them solve problems and improve their lives.


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