Mercury in ninth House | 9th House Mercury

by Hindu Astrology 1. March 2012 16:30

With the presence of a ninth house Mercury, a person is a born philosopher. Such a person has a thinking similar to that of a priest. The problem is that a person with a ninth house Mercury may be impractical and lack depth and concentration. Such a person’s mind is drawn to study and teaching. A person with a ninth house Mercury has an intuitive mind and is drawn towards dreams, visions and ideas of the future. Such a person needs to expand his mental horizons through higher education or travel. If a ninth house Mercury is afflicted, it would be better for such a person to live away from in-laws. 

People with a ninth house Mercury are flexible, with an adaptable mind which has an interest in perhaps intellectual pursuits, law, religion or philosophy. Such people have many ideas and beliefs with the ability to express them well verbally. People with a ninth house Mercury probably enjoy travel and foreign culture and it is particularly educational for them. Such people have the ability to learn foreign languages or to be a translator.  They may be teachers or be involved in higher learning in some other way. Interest may exist in publishing or advertising.

With the presence of a ninth house Mercury, you tend to communicate in areas of mind expansion in an intellectual manner. This may be in areas of higher knowledge, foreign travel or philosophy. You may be religious or seek continuing knowledge, which you may find gently inspiring. You are particularly good at learning and remembering information. You may undertake long journeys in order to expand your mind, but other long journeys seeking specific knowledge may appeal. Your major changes may be in the physical world, in terms of travel or in the mind, where you can expand your knowledge and awareness. Areas of study involving deep understanding of the mind may be appropriate. While you seek the truth, the truth for you is what is logical, or consistent with other facts.

People with a ninth house Mercury are endowed with special attributes of writing and teaching and so on they could reach great heights of the same. They are very much inclined towards exploring new arenas no matter whatever it would be as that could even be a place to travel or a new subject to study, they just want to know more and more as its their insatiable hunger of knowledge. For the same reasons, they would be proficient or known to many languages and cultures. 


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