Mars in 5th House | 5th House Mars

by Hindu Astrology 18. January 2012 14:10

A person with a fifth house Mars usually enjoys competition. Such a person also comes on top most of the time. If such a person has children, he has turbulent relationships with them unless the Lord of the ascendant is friendly to the fifth house. A person with a fifth house Mars is very forceful in his expression. Such a person expresses himself to an extent where he does not care about making a scene anywhere or at anytime. Such a person tends to prefer direct approach in love. In case Saturn makes a harsh figure with a fifth house Mars, then your timing will tend to be off with regard to love and speculative ventures. If however, Mars is also out of sect, then the competition turns nasty and unfair, and the gloves come off, and if you have children, they become fierce or suffer from hyperactivity disorder.

With a fifth house Mars, there is always a desire to be creative. Such a person will spend most of his time in that direction. Such a person may even be a gambler, a risk taker or a speculator. A person with a fifth house Mars usually loves sports. There may be some friction through children due to selfishness in past lives. Attraction to and from the opposite sex is fairly certain.

Much energy will probably be directed toward dating and romance. A person with a fifth house Mars has a strong love for pleasure and romance. Such a person is always inclined to these throughout his life. Such a person may be a very active hobbyist. Such a person tends to be very playful and demonstrative. A person with a fifth house Mars is usually openly affectionate. Such a person shines in physical contact sports. Discipline is a hard, but necessary task-master, if such a person is to grow beyond the child that is no longer charming, but becomes a foolish adult, clinging to childish ways.

The presence of a fifth house Mars shows a great expenditure of energies pursuing the pleasures of life, including romances. You are athletic, impulsive and fickle. A fifth house Mars will expand on inclinations toward showing off, theater, or creative talent. You have an active and aggressive sex drive, making you highly competitive in courtship, and jealousy during this period of your life may be apparent. You love to compete, but may be a bad loser. Sociable, and a born promoter, you may be a bit self-indulgent, and at times, foolhardy. Many your activities and much of your energy may be related to children.

With the presence of a fifth house Mars, whatever your manner of self-assertion, because you have a lust for life you run into plenty of opportunities to exercise it. Be it an affair of the heart, a business enterprise or whatever, things are set in unstoppable motion by your verve and desire. If you are not aware of this provocative streak in your nature, you will attract rivalry anyway - or else you could have children who are bold or arrogant.


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