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by Hindu Astrology 21. December 2011 16:20

Mars in the second house makes the native carefree and generous in nature. He is a master in financial dealings as well, as a result has a splendid earning capacity and makes a financial success in any business. The person gets success in only those kinds of business which involves use of fire, iron tools or machinery. Mars in this placement indicates the flow of money  by marriage or legacy. The native is fond of living a comfortable and luxurious life and finds difficulty in accumulating wealth in any form. The native is rich, harsh -spoken, charming, intelligent, and has a large or a joint family. These people never give up, even when they meet a financial disaster they immediately start to build up anew venture with optimistic approach. After all the losses also these people never learn to be more careful and less extravagant.

People with Mars in the second house are hard working, and love to produce things of practical value. They are highly ambitious when it comes to making money, but are also  impatient and impulsive in spending the hard earned money. They can be possessive for  material things and closed ones as well. They like to work independently and value the things achieved by them without any help or contribution of others, but by themselves. They have a hearty appetite with strong stamina.

The native with Mars in the second house may be stubborn and might want something so much that they can compromise all to get it. They often have a set view on everything, and manipulating their views can be a difficult tasks or may be useless. They have a very strong sense of ownership and anyone who challenges them, must be ready to face their aggression.

They may not be absolutely selfish, but will want to share only on their own terms without any compulsion and bindings. They may be careless, particularly for personal belongings. They should learn to be less possessive in life

If the Mars is afflicted in the Second House money come to the native very easily and fast, but the bad aspects makes the person outrageously extravagant, reckless in financial ventures, resulting in heavy losses incurred and the person may find himself without a single penny in the world.


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