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by Hindu Astrology 19. November 2011 15:30

A tenth house Mars is believed to be the best possible situation of Mars in a horoscope. A chid born with a tenth house Mars brings wealth with him and his family becomes rich. If the native is the eldest brother he will gain a more distinct recognition and reputation in society. He will be bold, courageous, healthy and competent enough to set traditions, norms and rules in society. All these are the beneficial effects of a tenth house Mars which may be reduced in the presence of Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, Venus or moon in the second house.

A tenth house Mars makes sure that you put in all your energy towards your career and achievements. It also makes sure that you are driven to manage and control things. A person with a tenth house Mars can be good in the areas related to professional athletes, the military or the police, jobs with tools or around metal, engineering, or activist. Careers that generally demand plenty of action, energy and initiative are what you need and want. You want to be the boss, but if you have a boss, he or she will have to be aggressive enough to warrant your respect and command your deference.

A tenth house Mars also makes a person to be co-operative in the later stages of life. Such people are very ambitious and are born wanting to succeed. They will be successful from quite a young age. A person with a tenth house Mars is usually more serious than others. Such people may also suffer from a superiority complex. These people will discriminate, and generally, they are not concerned with the opinions of others. Even while young, the eye will be on the future. The stakes of popularity will not matter to this people with a tenth house Mars.

Besides the obvious Mars occupations, a tenth house Mars governs anything requiring energy, initiative, action. You could be in any profession with this one as long as you are able to have non-stop activity. Any supervisor you have will tend to be on the aggressive side, and even if they are not, this placement increases the chances of arguments with the boss.

A person with a tenth house Mars will always be craving for approval and appraisal. The other avenue is to seek work where there is a great deal of freedom. A tenth house Mars suggests several kinds of jobs, especially those that require a lot of physical energy or hard work. This would be advantageous in any field requiring independent and original work.



  • Do not sell ancestral property and gold of the house.
  • Keep a pet deer in your house.
  • While boiling milk, please ensure that it should not overflow and fall on the fire.
  • Offer help to one-eyed and childless persons.


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