Libra in Eighth House | 8th House Libra

by Hindu Astrology 27. February 2012 16:30

An eighth house Libra indicates suffering from problems related to eliminating system i.e kidney disease such as nephritis or Bright's disease etc. These diseases can be a cause of death, if not treated or diagnosed at an early stage. The kidneys are extremely sensitive in this placement. The native should constantly follow  a good health regime to maintain his strength. The nature of the sign in the eighth house signifies problems with lower back, renal glands and the arteries along with kidneys.

A person with a eighth house Libra will be fortunate in terms of inheritance. He can expect a substantial inheritance from the death of marital partner or a business partner. Thus, there is a good scope of expecting property and assets to fall into his lap after the death of his partner or spouse. There is a tendency of fortunate conditions coming through the settling of a will, even in the saddest of circumstances. Though, friends and family will always be there to give support at the time of loss to ease any kind of discomfort and negative emotions.

An eighth house Libra denotes financial gains through marriage or business partnerships. Such a person is able to get everything he wants with his diplomatic approach. He possesses potent and dramatic hidden resources, that are suddenly brought into the play at the time of an emergency. He has the potential to handle the sudden situations or events easily, which may sweep ordinary people aside. The native with this placement is able to capitalize his resources in an effective manner. Often the native lacks balance in nature which is usually obtained partnerships producing an equilibrium. The potential of the native is proportionate to the support that he gets from people around. His success depends upon the environment he lives in.

Such a person tends to have a large capacity for love at the communal level.

An eighth house Libra indicates a peaceful end. It is difficult to predict the cause of death, since the native is likely to live a healthy and comfortable life. The business partnership will get success in maintaining a balance between business and pleasure. The native will feel satisfied with his decisions of choosing a partner. This placement suggests benefits from business done on partnership basis. 


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