Libra in 5th House | 5th House Libra

by Hindu Astrology 28. January 2012 11:05

A fifth house Libra denotes dependency and need for association with others for accomplishments. Such a person does not want to feel responsible for others. Rather, he seeks support and encouragement from highly refined people. He is good at balancing his work with his intellectuality. A person with a fifth house Libra is usually very lucky in love matters. Though sometimes the native can be inconsistent and fickle, he tends to attract love very easily. Romantically, such a person is very charming and easy going. The native is very successful in the affairs of heart such as romance, love-making, flirting and being charmingly entertaining.

A fifth house Libra provides a very artistic temperament and suggests naturally creative abilities. The native with this placement attracts luck very easily in favour of his creative endeavours. Such a person tends to balance his work and life by engaging himself into intellectual discussions, parties and sports with his associates. A person with a fifth house Libra possesses a good sense of color and arrangements. Such a person can become a successful interior decorator or designer. This placement indicates creative ability and artistic talent. Such a person is more inclined towards writing and prefers to indulge in recreational activities when accompanied by other people.

A fifth house Libra indicates desire for speculations. The native tends to speculate occasionally since luck is always in his favour. Investment in luxury items such as furs and jewels would be beneficial. Entertainment field can bring lots of opportunities to grow in financial terms.

A person with a fifth house Libra has a huge circle of friends. He is drawn to a great variety of people and enjoy their associations. There is a tendency get attached with friends and associates as well. Such a person is able to become the center of attraction in parties and social get together due to his friendly and easy going nature. Associations with friends and colleagues can develop into marriage, partnerships or agreements. The native with this placement has a natural desire for companionship and contributes a warm balance in relationships.

A fifth house Libra indicates a small or normal sized family. The native is able to form a strong bond with children and family. He is well suited to raise children and is even prone to spoil them in the long run. Such a person possesses many child-like qualities that make him easy going with children. 


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