Libra in 1st House | 1st House Libra

by Hindu Astrology 18. December 2011 14:20

Libra rising in the first house makes a native naturally diplomatic and sociable. They are gracious, compatible and social in nature. Libra is a sign of balance and justice, which makes them fair player of strong sense. These people are able to see both sides of the issue and make the right decision. Thereby, serving the justice. Being balanced in nature, these people tends to wear neutral colors. With Libra in the ascendant the native is a good debator, but not argumentative. They always have a valid point to support their content and ultimately is acceptable by all. Their fixed nature is well hidden by their  cooperative demeanor.
People with Libra in the first house are peace lovers and harmonious in nature. They prefer top stay away from discordant environment. Neatness and order must be maintained to make them comfortable in every situation. They need to readjust themselves constantly to align themselves along with the forces around them to get in inner sense of balance.

These people are even, charming and have the ability to please everyone around. They always try to give their best shot. On the negative side of Libra rising in the first house is that they are always  try to  maintain the status quotient. They avoid the disruption and avoid bringing any kind of .change in life. They have a natural tendency to say what they think will please others, rather than saying what they actually feel. The hide their true feelings for the sake of winning the approval of others inorder to maintain order and harmony.

They are inborn peace-loving and diplomatic in nature, due to this they many sometimes fail in the primary job of taking care of others. They are not very good at aggressively advancing themselves and need to concentrate on learning how realize their own identity.

People with Libra in the first house are the lovers of beauty and seek harmony everywhere. They are natural negotiator. They might adopt an  opposing view to what might be their  natural inclinations and have strong ability to maintain balance in the discussion. They are artistic, creative, have a good color sense, and know are well known to bring beauty into the surroundings.  These people are socially active, have many personal contacts, and tend to see themselves through other’s eyes and reactions. You have a natural ability to reflect the identity of others as well.  People with Libra rising in the ascendant can make a good arguer, lawyer, diplomat, and a natural matchmaker.


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