Libra in 10th House | 10th House Libra

by Hindu Astrology 26. November 2011 11:05

A tenth house Libra indicates that a person will enter or engage in a business with a partner or a support. Such people usually work in co-operation with others. They do not work alone very often. A person with a tenth house Libra presents himself in a very poised and balanced way. They neither express too much nor with hold too much. Such a person always likes to work with his charm and diplomacy. A person with a tenth house Libra insists that his affairs should run well and should be neat. Such a person always has the capacity to become an excellent administrator. Decisions taken by a person with a tenth house Libra are often fruitful and results in success. Such decision are also carefully weighed and examined.

A person with a tenth house Libra is more recognized in the public than his parents. They can also be quite popular in a short span of time because of their charm and diplomacy. Such people usually know how to interact in the public to leave an impression. A more beautiful and balanced part of such a person’s nature emerges when he is in the public eye. A person with a tenth house Libra avoids working alone or working in a very large corporation. A tenth house Libra is usually a sign of Capricorn rising. This combination is very successful in negotiating with or impressing people in power and older people.

A tenth house Libra depicts all the characteristics that people usually admire. With a tenth house Libra, one can follow the example of negotiators and diplomats. Such a person  may expect to find considerable success working in some capacity with precious stones and metals. A person with a tenth house Libra  could expect to find much success in the field of metallurgy or simply in the cutting and polishing of precious stones. Such a person can also satisfy themselves with the diamond industry. Such a person has utmost respect for his work and this is the reason why he is so efficient in doing it.

The success of a person with a tenth house Libra is also sometimes related to his charm & personality and not his work. This can be quite frustrating sometimes for a person who works hard. This condition may not last forever but it assures him of above-average conditions surrounding his ambitions. A person with a tenth house Libra will do well in life if he is in a partnership with someone.  Libra here is often drawn to a career in the arts, or to those engaged in producing beauty, such as interior decorating. Business agents, judges, negotiators, ombudsmen, and conciliators fall under the aegis of Libra.


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