Leo in Ninth House | 9th House Leo

by Hindu Astrology 6. March 2012 16:30

The influence of a ninth house Leo is shown in the pride and confidence you take in your ideas. The Sun rules Leo focusing this as the area of greatest vitality in your chart. Energies are consolidated in the affairs of this house denoting a love of these more profound matters. Travels of long duration may be your favorite form of recreation. Travel can become as much a necessity as food or drink for a person with a ninth house Leo. Your quest for education may be insatiable, and many with this influence become professional students. Philosophical and idealistic, you are caught up in abstract thought. You'd like to convert, or at least enlighten, those less informed than you. You are a natural teacher of higher thought.

With a ninth house Leo, you are becoming a creative idealist. You discover personal power by sticking to your vision. With the presence of a ninth house Leo, your central purpose is to express your beliefs from a place of personal concern. You shine when you take a personal interest in larger world concerns. Coming into your own requires casting off restrictive small-minded group thinking. Attaining self-realization means being wary of elitist viewpoints. Being you means that you are willing to put your whole heart into anything you really believe in.

Whatever your faith or spiritual belief or personal soapbox stand is, you will be proud of it, fixed to it, creative with it, and have the charisma to sell it to others. Travel and expansion of your personal horizons vitalize and energise you, especially if it happens to be somewhere with a swim up bar and quiet luxury. So too knowledge or rather the quest for knowledge. With the presence of a ninth house Leo, long term study doesn’t phase you, your staying power is strong enough to get through even the most lengthy process, and when you get there, your pride in your achievement will be completely justified.

With a ninth house Leo, you love to explore the world. You take long journeys, physically or mentally. Travel is fun, but then so is study and discussing your philosophical beliefs. You don’t appear to want fame, but your subconscious mind and your philosophy are somehow geared to attaining it and to achieving a position of importance. You give your philosophy the power of your being. Your eyes are always on distant goals.


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