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by Hindu Astrology 27. January 2012 10:40

A fifth house Leo denotes dramatic tendencies of the native. Such a person is always in need of being the center of attraction. A good deal of energy is spent on romance and self expression. He is fully dedicated to whatever work he undertakes and works hard to accomplish it. Such a person requires constant appreciation and approbation for the work he does to maintain the level of enthusiasm and dedication in him. His need for self-expression through creative projects is usually very high. A person with a fifth house Leo is usually a born gambler and speculator. Such a person can do well by speculating about gold and other precious metals.

A person with a fifth house Leo is more inclined towards taking care of his family and children. Such a person puts family needs on priority and works hard to provide them with a good living. He performs his duties and fulfills his responsibilities with great devotion without complaining about it. The natural creativity of the native can be developed with training. Thereby, bringing results in a commercial capacity.

A fifth house Leo makes a person flirtatious in approach. Such a person can easily fall in and out of love at a drop of a needle. This placement strengthens the emotional ardor of the native that makes him emotionally stable in life. He is good at maintaining balance between his emotional needs and practicalities of life. Such a person is considerably passionate and receptive to love. Every time he is attracted to someone, he foolishly thinks that he has now found his true love that will last forever. Opposite sex tends to get attracted towards the native for his loyal and proud nature. Flirting helps them to sustain the interest of the opposite sex in him for a longer period of time and to seek the desired attention. Such a person can be persistent in pursuing desirable objects. A person with a fifth house Leo plays a dominant role in a courtship period.

A fifth house Leo indicates only a few children. The native with this placement usually finds problems with the upbringing of his children. Handling them is a task for the native, since he lacks patience to rear children. Despite of all the problems, the native feels a natural love for children and enjoys making them a part of his life. A fifth house Leo indicates a small family with one child subject to other factors. The native with a fifth house Leo identifies strongly with his children and is very proud of his children’s accomplishments. In regards to the social life, a fifth house Leo provides a varied social life, making the life of the native not less than a party. 


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