Leo in 3rd House | 3rd House Leo

by Hindu Astrology 3. January 2012 14:10

The presence of a third house Leo suggests that the creative focus of your life is centered in matters of the mind. You take pride in your ability to present ideas in an inimitable style. Your powers of self-expression are outstanding, but sometimes style exceeds substance, as you speak for effect and appeal to the emotions. People with a third house Leo are good at knowing what to say and what not to say. Despite your versatility and adaptability, most of your ideas and opinions are rigidly fixed. You must shine in this arena. Your pride is such that if anyone punctures your ego you may say you forgive, but you never do.

Since Leo is fixed fire, the house with Leo on the cusp is where we stubbornly want to shine. In this house you feel a need for personal development. If you are using the positive qualities of your Sun sign in the affairs of this house, you will feel a deep sense of inner peace and contentment. In your personal birth chart, the house with Leo on the cusp is ruled by the Sun. So look to the position and sign of the Sun for more clues regarding the sphere of life with Leo on the cusp.

In case of a third house Leo, you enjoy a good story, often taking the role of storyteller. This is because you are an enthusiastic communicator. You express power through creative thinking and invest your ideas with great energy. Thus, you think in large and dramatic terms. Your mental ingenuity is often expressed in art. Your journeys are likely to have a pleasurable or creative purpose; you tend to travel to see loved ones, or romantic lovers. With a third house Leo, you may also take much pride in your siblings.

With a third house Leo, you are one charismatic communicator. Your thoughts and words have the warmth, generosity of spirit and sheer style that is pure Leo. Your sense of creativity and self expression is centred in head stuff. You are proud of your ability to communicate, so this is also where you are most vulnerable from an ego viewpoint as well. Leo is, however, a fixed sign, so whilst you might know how to say the stuff that you say, and how to say it in a way that suits your audience, you very rarely change your mind. This means that such people are usually stubborn. This house is also associated with siblings, and whilst we all know you will come first, you will be generous and loyal when it comes to any siblings.


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