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by Hindu Astrology 9. December 2011 13:50

A person with a twelfth house Leo always works behind the scenes. This is because the power of Leo is related to the subconscious. Such a person works secretly and never exposes himself in front of the general public. The leadership and dominating traits in a person with a twelfth house Leo are usually hidden or recessive. Hence, such a person can be a good leader only if he gets along with people and lets them know about his qualities. Such a person should understand that hiding his own qualities would only harm himself and he will lose a lot of opportunities.

A person with a twelfth house Leo can sometimes feel frustrated as his contributions are not appreciated or recognized most of the time. This is because of the fact that such a person does his work secretly and then expects people to give him some credit. A person with a twelfth house Leo never feels lonely even if he is alone. Such a person has a self-sufficiency about him that never allows him to feel lonely. Such a person is content with himself and can work or stay alone as long as he needs to.

A person with a twelfth house Leo needs to spend most of his time by himself. This actually helps him feel satisfied and comfortable. Much of power in such a person’s make up is contained on a subject level. With introspection and soul contact, it's easier for such a person to become aware of ways you can be of true service to humanity. Once aware of such traits, a person with a twelfth house Leo always works for the community involving works like community service, charity, donations etc.

A person with a twelfth house Leo is likely to be very creatively inclined and there is often a love for helping the less fortunate, especially children. Their undoing comes from excessive egotism and arrogance. Such a person has very sensitive, reclusive type of temperament. There is a desire to render care and service to others. Often children are very dear to these people. The presence of a twelfth house Leo may suggest that a person may feel uncomfortable about directly going about attaining their desires.

A person with a twelfth house Leo faces difficulty in finding his own identity and often enjoys acting out other well known people. Such a person possesses astonishing strength that is not apparent until such a person is tested. This depth of willpower is an unconscious support for a person with a twelfth house Leo. Such a person’s self-undoing may come from pride and hidden egotism. 


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