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by Hindu Astrology 19. November 2011 13:05

The tenth house belongs to Saturn and a tenth house Ketu gives effects depending on the nature of planet Saturn. A person with a tenth house Ketu is extremely lucky, opportunistic and concerned about himself. But this is the case only when Saturn is beneficial. In another situation, a person with a tenth house Ketu loses his father in an early age. Such a person can also be a very good and famous sportsman who will excel in whichever sport he is. It is said that a tenth house Ketu gives bad results till the age of 28. After that, the position of a person starts improving.

A person with a tenth house Ketu is always helpful to his brothers. He will always help his brothers financially even if they keep wasting money. But still, a person with a tenth house Ketu will never be insolvent or bankrupt. Such a person has a very beautiful wife who is very helpful and understanding. As already told, a person with a tenth house Ketu can also be a good famous personality who will most probably be related to sports.

It is believed that if a person with a tenth house Ketu keeps on forgiving and helping his brothers, he will keep on progressing in life. Such a person with a good character also earn a lot of fame, fortune and wealth. A tenth house Ketu usually gives good and auspicious results. But that only happens if Ketu is beneficial in the tenth. The results usually change when Ketu is malefic in the tenth house. A person with a tenth house Ketu will also be brilliant, popular and will have stamina. Such a person will always overcome his ill-wishers and will travel abroad.

If a tenth house is Ketu is malefic, a person usually suffers from urinary and ear problems. Such a person also suffers from problems like arthritis or pain in the bones. The domestic life might suffer a lot in case a tenth house Ketu is malefic. There is also a possibility that such a person loses three of his sons at an early age.

There are some remedies that a person could take under his consideration in case his tenth house Ketu is malefic. These remedies are as follows :

  • Keep silver pot full of honey in the house.
  • Keep a dog, specially after forty eight years of age.
  • Avoid adultery.
  • Use the remedies of Moon and Jupiter.


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