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by Hindu Astrology 7. January 2012 11:10

Fourth house Ketu makes a person god fearing, lucky and pleasing in personality. He respects god and always follows the righteous path. A person with fourth house Ketu should respect his teachers and elders to be happy in life. The benefic placement of Ketu in fourth house turns the native spiritual. He is lucky for his father and teacher as well. A son is born to such a native and lives long only after getting the blessings of his teacher or guru. In some cases, a son is born after thirty six years of age. Such people have more daughters than sons. A person with fourth house Ketu leaves all his decisions to God. If moon is in third house or fourth house along with Ketu , then the result is always benefic. It will also bring pleasing results to the native and will make him a good adviser. Such a person does not ever face shortage of money, rather would be endowed with a very strong financial status.

As per Medieval Astrology, if the fourth house Ketu is afflicted by Moon, it brings problems related to heart. The person will be devoid of happiness, landed properties, relatives and conveyances. It proves to be detrimental from getting legacy from mother. Such a person may feel detached from their mother and bring troubles for her.  

On the other hand, if Ketu is malefic in fourth house, then the native is unhealthy and suffers from the loss of happiness. One may suffer from diabetes which can become a serious concern. Happiness and peace could be absent from the native’s life due to hurdles and difficulties.

Remedies to pacify the ill-effects of Ketu placed in the fourth house.


  • Keep a dog and nurture him well.
  • Wear silver ornaments for peace of mind.
  • Offer yellow things such as flowers, cloth etc  in flowing water.


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