Jupiter in Ninth House | 9th House Jupiter

by Hindu Astrology 2. March 2012 16:30

A ninth house Jupiter makes the native a great philosopher. Such a person possesses an expansive mind with little sympathy with intellectualism. The native likes to draw conclusions from his own experiences and believes in the concept of unity in diversity. He tends to feel restricted and uninspired by his own cultural tradition and will.

Ninth house Jupiter indicates that the native will settle overseas or live there for a longer period of time. The quality of life of the native gets enhanced both materially and spiritually with overseas ventures. A person with a ninth house Jupiter possesses a powerful intuition and ability to penetrate situations. This placement teaches the person to trust his inner wisdom and expand his consciousness and understanding abilities. The native learns the path of attaining universal wisdom through his  body, mind, emotions and spirit. He seeks access to his own inherent wisdom and shares it with others.

A person with a ninth house Jupiter is optimistic, tolerant, broad-minded and considerate. He possesses strong intuitive powers and the ability to make good judgement. Such a person is interested in religion and philosophies. He has the ability to guide and inspire others through his wisdom in order to promote his thought, ideas and ideals. With this attribute, the native is likely to enter the field of teaching.

A person with a ninth house Jupiter may benefit from travelling and dealing with foreigners in a variety of ways. Success in business is likely through expansion or connection with foreigners. His accomplishments will not be recognized and be fruitful until the later part of his life. As far as religious matters are concerned, the native tends to be of very high principle and holds an important religious position.

Jupiter in the ninth house plays an important role in shaping the thoughts of the native in certain subjects such as philosophy, religions and higher education. Such a person tends to become intellectually curious in academic matters. He is open to learning, particularly about subjects that others don’t find normally interesting. 


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