Jupiter in 7th House | 7th House Jupiter

by Hindu Astrology 16. February 2012 16:30

With the presence of a seventh house Jupiter, a person will most likely find ease of working, good fortune and luck. All this usually comes through marriage or other social and business partnerships. Such a person will most likely be successful with gains and happiness through a loyal and faithful marriage partner. A person with a seventh house Jupiter will have a partner with good social and financial standing. Such a person’s partner will be possibly older, more patient, profound or religious than yourself. Success will be promised through partnerships and such a person’s ability to co-operate well with other generally. Gain through legal affairs or litigation is also on the cards with this placement.

A seventh house Jupiter gives a noble, soft-hearted and sympathetic marriage partner. Such a person will bring his partner favor, fortune and social prestige. It is an ideal indication for marriage, also for a person seeking to take a partner or enter into partnership. A person with a seventh house Jupiter may also be assured that the partner will be noble, sincere, honest and trust-worthy, and that success will come by co-operation. It is an ideal position for a lawyer for it indicates success in law and the ability to reconcile opponents. If a seventh house Jupiter is afflicted, the person will most likely lose his lawsuits or suffer from misplaced confidence in his life partner. Marriage will be delayed or denied. 

With a seventh house Jupiter, benefit, opportunities and wealth may come about as a result of marriage or partnerships in general. Such a person seeks a partner that can help expand his visions, open up opportunities for expansion and help him grow. Such a person’s partner can strengthen his faith and deepen his religious or philosophical ideas and attitudes. Such a person may even feel that he needs a partner who may ab able to develop his moral outlook and social conscience. The partner of a person with a seventh house Jupiter may be more affluent than him. 

If a seventh house Jupiter is badly afflicted, then the partner of such a person may be opinionated, lazy, self-indulgent, extravagant, self-willed, untrustworthy, immoral, shameless and wasteful. Such a person is able to bring out the generous and good-natured impulses of others, but in order to get the best results from the marriage partnership, such a person may need to control any extravagant tendencies and prevent false pride from unduly affecting the smooth course of relationships.


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