Jupiter in 5th House | 5th House Jupiter

by Hindu Astrology 18. January 2012 16:30

A well aspected fifth house Jupiter increases the number of children. Such a person’s children will usually bring money and profits to him. A fifth house Jupiter also brings popularity and good friends who will always come to help whenever there is a need. Such a person is usually very sociable. A person with a fifth house Jupiter is highly intelligent and educated. He gains a lot of success in works related to publishing. A person with a fifth house Jupiter also makes a fine teacher. An afflicted fifth house Jupiter gives a tendency towards gambling and loss thereby, a love of sports, disinclination for work, and trouble with children.With the presence of a fifth house Jupiter, a person will usually find luck, ease of working and general good fortune. There is a possibility of a warm and generous love-life involving those of wealth or expansive temperament. Such a person is likely to gain from these love affairs and the opposite sex generally. There is a love of pleasure in connection with places of amusement - theatres, social functions, schools, etc.

A fifth house Jupiter shows that the planet plays an important part shaping an ability to proceed through life very much on the strength of your character. You are apt to live a privileged life, which you are able to accept as your rightful due. You have much good fortune, and you enjoy yourself as a result of this planet, known as the greater benefic. While life is essentially an enjoyment for you, Jupiter is also a planet with a higher purpose, and you are apt to feel an inner drive for personal expression and the need to make a contribution to society. A fifth house Jupiter often produces success in teaching, politics, the ministry, or in the entertainment business. Often, this placement denotes a rather large family or a significant association with children.

Many opportunities for romance, dating, and activities involving children or teaching will probably come your way with the presence of a fifth house Jupiter. You are optimistic and enjoy passing on your knowledge to those around you. You have creative ability which can bring success and happiness. With a fifth house Jupiter there is a strong desire to make significant contributions through your creative self-expression. Children, which may be plentiful, can be a source of pleasure or over-indulgence. Guard against rash gambling and speculation.

With a fifth house Jupiter your fair share of fun, romance, and good times are in store. You are especially imaginative, original in your self-expression, and creative during this cycle. Creative projects are likely to fare well, and could possibly even bring some type of recognition or reward. Love and romance may enter your life or is enhanced with good humor and warmth, and social engagements abound. For singles, meeting a special person is highly likely, although it is not necessarily a person who is partnership material. You are feeling quite free from responsibilities at this time, making it easier for you to let your hair down and have a good time.


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