Jupiter in 11th House | 11th House Jupiter

by Hindu Astrology 30. November 2011 10:50

An eleventh house Jupiter plays in important role in shaping your future. An eleventh house Jupiter can be directly related with your hopes and dreams. In the presence of an eleventh house Jupiter, a person is always involved in groups and friendships. These friends and groups will help such a person throughout his life. They will help him in achieving their goals and dreams. A person with an eleventh house Jupiter is a natural organizer and planner. Such a person is usually good at planning and organizing large scale activities. Such a person is backed by a lot of people who give him support throughout his life. Politicians usually have an eleventh house Jupiter. With an eleventh house Jupiter, a person has good luck, ease of work and a very good fortune. All this is directly related to the person’s friends and group activities.

A person with an eleventh house Jupiter will have long lasting and trustworthy friends. Such a person is also in touch of influential and powerful people like legislators, lawyers, bankers, judges etc. Such contacts help a person in development and profits from different areas. An eleventh house Jupiter is also related to social success. Such a person is socially successful and popular. Honor is also very important to such a person. An eleventh house Jupiter  gives wealthy and influential friends who may be relied upon to help the person to realize his hopes, wishes and ambitions. Such a person is also interested in material pleasures. An eleventh house Jupiter also signifies that a marriage will be successful and children will be helpful. In the presence of a malefic eleventh house Jupiter, a person will have sincere and good friends but will depend on himself to achieve his goals and dreams. His friends will not be of much help to him in this case.

An eleventh house Jupiter provides a person with knowledgeable friends who might belong to a foreign culture. Such a person is always interested in social life which could sometimes get him into trouble. Such a person is a strong supporter of groups, foundations and philanthropies. An eleventh house Jupiter puts a person on the leading edge of change. Deeply interested in positive evolution that fosters new collective paradigms, such a person gravitate to community, political or social work. In the presence of an eleventh house Jupiter, a person is also interested in technology that is related to light and sound. Moreover, such a person is an advocate for those without a voice or who are alienated or ignored by mainstream society. Some remedies for an eleventh house Jupiter are as follows :

  • Always keep gold on your body.
  • Put on a copper bangle.
  • Watering a pipal tree would prove to be beneficial.


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