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by Hindu Astrology 19. November 2011 15:45

A tenth house Jupiter usually brings success, prosperity and good fortune in your career. Such people have high ethical standards and usually care about the people who are less fortunate than them. They even work in areas related to these things. A tenth house Jupiter makes sure that a boss or people with higher authority like you and treat you in a special way.  A strong desire for achievement coupled with your expansiveness and self-confidence attracts people and you get honoured for it. Your generosity in your career serves you well. People with a tenth house Jupiter love to teach or instruct others simply because they can not help it. It is in their habit. Such people also travel to far off lands in some cases. A tenth house Jupiter also indicates a religious or a spiritual profession.

A tenth house Jupiter can take you to a profession which you may not like. But, you will never be able to get out of it as this profession will be too lucrative. Jupiter is the traditional planet for bringing good luck. Hence, as told earlier you might be treated specially at office or other places by people of higher authority because they might like you. Jupiter in tenth house can be associated with professors, preachers, philosophers, finance consultants and all other work that make you travel abroad.

The tenth house belongs to Saturn and hence the person would have to be adaptable to the qualities of Saturn in order to be happy and successful in life. The person with a tenth house Jupiter should be cunning and shy. Such a person will get the best results from a tenth house Jupiter. If sun is in the fourth house, Jupiter will give very good results. Venus and Mars in the fourth house ensure multi-marriages for the native. In the presence of friendly planets in the second, fourth and sixth houses, a tenth house Jupiter provides highly beneficial results in matters related to money and wealth.

These all were the ways in which a tenth house Jupiter benefits a person. In the presence of a malefic tenth house Jupiter, the results can be devastating for the person. A malefic tenth house Jupiter makes a person very sad and poor. Such a person thinks a lot and is usually depressed. He is also deprived of any sort of ancestral property and other sources of income and wealth. Such a person is isolated as his wife and sons also leave him. There are some good remedies for a malefic tenth house Jupiter that go as follows :

  • Clean your nose before beginning any work.
  • Throw copper coins in the running water of a river for 43 days.
  • Offer almonds at religious places.
  • A temple with idols must not be established within the house.
  • Put a tilak of saffron on the forehead.


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