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by Hindu Astrology 17. December 2011 15:10

A person with a first house Gemini usually has an urge to rapidly change the surroundings and environment around him. This gives rise to avoidance of routine, a love movement and as a consequence, the cultivation of a variety of life experiences. Such a person is usually attached to a lot of people, places and belongings. A person with a first house Gemini may even have a superficial attitude towards life. Such a person tends to be slender, fleet-footed with a tendency to a nervous disposition. A person with a first house Gemini may even frequently change his clothes throughout the day.

A person with a first house Gemini may be dual in nature with two different sides. Such a person usually tends to be friendly, communicative, flexible, indecisive, unsure, liking to do two or more things at once, witty, clever, very active mentally, high-strung, temperamental, nervous or anxious, talkative, superficial, and always ready for something different. A person with a first house Gemini has an urge to speak about what he knows and learn even more. Such a person enjoys reading and travelling. This is because both of these provide plenty of scope for gaining knowledge.

A person with a first house Gemini needs variety in life and can be a jack of all and master of none. Such a person wants quantity and not quality. Such a person always seems to be very confident. But, a person with a first house Gemini can lack self confidence and can have an inferiority complex. Such a person loves to talk a lot. He not only talks with his mouth but also with his body and hands. A person with a first house Gemini is very easy to read on the basis of body language. Such a person should learn to control his energies and focus them in one direction.

A person with a first house Gemini is very witty and clever and hence, his life is never dull or boring. Unfortunately, the nature is also anxious, high-strung and diffusive. Such a person needs constant mental stimulation. A person with a first house Gemini always wants to be surrounded with people, activities and other exciting situations. Such a person is most happy when he is engaged in a lot of different activities. Such a person is friendly and adaptable. But, he can sometimes be temperamental and indecisive.

With the presence of a first house Gemini, many people become writers, reporters or active in some phase of communication. Such a person can out talk, out think and outsmart most people he meets. A person with a first house Gemini is agile and well co-ordinated. Nervous activity keeps such a person slender. Such a person’s enthusiasm for change is a trait that makes him perpetually young and progressive of mind, even as he grows older.


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