Capricorn in Seventh House | 7th House Capricorn

by Hindu Astrology 22. February 2012 11:10

A seventh house Capricorn denotes that the person will be shy and reserve in forming any kind of partnerships. Such a person is cautious and restraint  while choosing a partner for himself. He does not take hasty decisions when it comes to entering into a sacred bond such as marriage. Marriage may be for status and security as much as for love. There is a tendency to feel restricted by the duties and responsibilities of wedlock or of any partnership. Such a person is likely to carry more than his share of responsibilities. This placement indicates that marriage will be approached with caution and prudence. The native will be less emotional and more practical towards the idea of marriage and life long arrangements. He tends to be reasonable and cautious at the same point of time. The native will only get married if this can be efficiently meshed with his ambitious drives.

A person with a seventh house Capricorn seeks a partner who needs his nurturing support and possesses solid earning and high-prestige.The mate should be able to give motherly feeling and be supportive and responsible. The native shares a very nurturing relationship with his partner. Both of them are mutually supportive to each other and to other close ones.  

A seventh house Capricorn indicates delay or postponement in marriage. It is likely to take place later in life or to someone older. Such a person likes to be around older, conservative and powerful kind of people. The native is drawn to those who are old enough to discipline him and provide the golden key that will make him earn some degree of recognition in life. He tends to marry late in life and often for status.

As far as business partnership is concerned, a seventh house Capricorn denotes that partnerships will be valuable when carried purely on the basis of hard work and dedication. His career is of paramount importance to him and does not like anyone’s interference in his professional success. Considerable benefits can come through the marital partner by opening channels into social situations, vocational possibilities, and business planning. The native can be shy in forming public relations, but has a great hold on all affairs in life. However, crowded places tends to frighten him due to which he does not like to remain in a crowd for a very long time. The prospects of partnership are excellent because the native is highly discriminate and would not bother to enter into partnership unless he gets a right person.


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