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by Hindu Astrology 29. January 2012 14:10

A fifth house Capricorn makes a person restrictive to romance and love. Such a person is reserved in exhibiting his personal feelings to anyone. He may appear prudish and cold in matters of love. The native with this placement is a hard worker and very sincere towards his work. His need for self-expression is inclined towards practicality and facts. Such a person is good with details which shows his observant nature. A fifth house Capricorn makes a person a truthful and faithful friend. The native gravitates to certain older people who are harsh and firm but are somehow attractive to him.

A person with a fifth house Capricorn makes a scrupulous teacher and disciplinarian of young people. Such a person is very conservative in regards to his work. He prefers to spend much of his free time in doing one or the other pending works. The native with this placement is usually very cautious with speculations and gambling.  It is not a favorable position for gambling and speculation since the native waits too long to make up his mind about such matters. He likes to accumulate information on various subjects and spends much of his time in reading and studying informative materials. A person with a fifth house Capricorn possesses outstanding artistic talents. Such a person appreciates and supports arts of all kinds. Investment in real estate, mines and government proves to be highly beneficial.

A fifth house Capricorn indicates a larger family size as a result of stable inter-family relationships. This placement is not at all favourable for getting along too well with children. Sometimes, a sense of obligation towards children may cause delays to personal accomplishments indicating delay of self-fulfillment. The native’s desire for children is strong, and their accomplishments bring a source of pride in him.

A person with a fifth house Capricorn has a practical and dependable outlook in relationships. He seeks a stable relationship with his lover or companion. Romantic attachments have a tendency to develop and endure with time and patience. Such a person tends to suppress his emotions, which often appears to others as coldness or unresponsiveness. Once people get to know him better, they find the native with great depth and feelings. The native with this placement constantly searches for a smooth running love affair and once he finds it, he does everything to maintain it. He seeks for a permanent affair, rather than getting involved into casual or passing affairs. He longs for this permanency so he doesn't have to spend much time nurturing his love life and can devote all his energies and time in accomplishing his goals. 

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