Capricorn in 4th House | 4th House Capricorn

by Hindu Astrology 11. January 2012 11:30

A fourth house Capricorn brings responsibilities of home and family. Providing security and comfort to the family may be the sole responsibility of a person with this placement. Such a person is very particular about the matters related to home. Everything should be efficiently organized and precisely placed at home. Such a person tends to dominate his home and home environment. A fourth house Capricorn makes a person disciplinarian, strict, orthodox with old principles and a lofty code of ethics. Such a person is strong and never hesitates to take up responsibilities. A fourth house Capricorn provides a protective and loving home environment in childhood. Parents may feel protective, but the placement indicates that there was little show of emotion from their side.  

A fourth house Capricorn suggests that the early life of the native will be secluded and restricted. Parents’ attitude plays an influential role in the development process of the native’s personality. Some of the early conditions may have been quite difficult to face. Native’s father might undergo certain downfalls and losses in the business resulting financial or emotional difficulties. Such a person becomes ambitious in life as a consequence of his early childhood life. Some personal ambitions will be connected with home and family life and will be realized after marriage has taken place. A fourth house Capricorn indicates that the native will live an active life in the later years of his life. As the native grows up, his maturity level and sense of responsibility will begin to grow. Many earlier hopes and wishes will be realized and the native will experience financial gains through these realizations.

A person with a fourth house Capricorn can be possessive of his home. He builds a castle for himself with all kinds of comforts and luxuries. Such a person does not like anyone playing around with the comfort of his home. Moving things around is one activity that bothers him a lot. Others might feel impersonal about the surroundings. A person with a fourth house Capricorn does not like changing his place of residence too frequently. He possesses a sense of permanency and likes to settle down in one place.

A person with a fourth house Capricorn was not able to enjoy financial privileges as a child. The native's early life and background were limited in financial advantages. As a consequence, such a person works hard to rectify this drawbacks from his life and gains financial benefits very early in life. He tries to fulfill his needs and his family needs as well. He works hard so that his children are not deprived of the things he couldn't enjoy in his childhood.


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