Cancer in Ninth House | 9th House Cancer

by Hindu Astrology 6. March 2012 14:10

The presence of a ninth house Cancer denotes strong emotional ties to religious and philosophical beliefs. As the Moon rules Cancer, the emotional impulses of the Moon are felt in affairs of publicity and promotion, and personal recognition for you. With a ninth house Cancer, you will work in a selfless fashion, with as sense of emotional vigor, for causes in which you believe. You are very adaptable culturally, feeling much at home away from home. You could adjust easily to life in a foreign country. You react intuitively to all people and cultures.

A ninth house Cancer can be closely related to travelling, learning, spirituality and philosophy. Whatever it is you believe in, you will have an emotional attachment to those beliefs. It is not awkward to make this reference often as this is an important point when it comes to a ninth house Cancer. With the presence of a ninth house Cancer, you can make a home wherever you travel. Unlike the gardenias that people usually try to move from their front yard to the back, your roots transplant easily.

With a ninth house Cancer, you are becoming  someone who takes issues of meaning, ethics and expansion in a personally sensitive way. You discover personal power when you become emotionally involved in the quest for meaning and freedom of thought. Your central purpose is to be vulnerable in the pursuit of your ideals, while also protecting yourself. The presence of a ninth house Cancer makes sure that you shine by showing that you have the tenacity to protect your belief system no matter what others think. Coming into your own requires feeling in your gut what you believe with your mind. Attaining self-realization means that you are a leader in protecting and feeding the beliefs of the people who are part of your tribe, family or inner circle. Being you means that you become emotionally charged and defensive when your ideals, philosophy or beliefs are challenged.

With a ninth house Cancer, you like the idea of a sentimental journey, but have some fears about the realities of travelling away from home and loved ones. Travelling with photos from home in your suitcase may help. If you do travel, you prefer to do so by water. You prefer to undertake your studies from home if possible. You’re emotional and tenacious in the areas of religion and philosophy. You have foresight, and are psychically perceptive, yet you cling to family religion.


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