Aries in Ninth House | 9th House Aries

by Hindu Astrology 5. March 2012 14:10

A ninth house Aries makes the native optimistic and forward looking in nature. Such a person possesses his own fundamental beliefs and an overall philosophical attitude towards life, which enables him to define his goals accordingly. He is a positive thinker and has no problem in visualizing his dreams. No matter how bad the circumstances become, the positivity remains constant.

The native is fond of travelling provided it is a well planned trip. He seeks a relevant reason behind every travel. A ninth house Aries indicates much foreign travel and adventurous trips, which would encourage the native to bring out the best in him.

A ninth house Aries also suggests that the native may be of a rebellious nature. Such a person does not agree to other’s opinions easily and prefers to formulate his own. He is political-minded which is closely related to his philosophical approaches. The native with this placement likes adventurous activities. Hence, long distance travel appeals his a lot. The native’s financial conditions will also be in his favour as far as travel is concerned. Such a person usually prefers to travel to far away places to find his identity in the initial phase of life. The native would be naturally drawn to violent movements or strongly controversial positions. Considering this attitude, there is a tendency to devote oneself to causes and principles and at the same time lend himself to violence and revolt.

A person with a ninth house Aries enjoys exploring exotic and strange things. He is often inclined towards the culture and traditions of different countries. The native will not be much inclined towards higher studies. His philosophies and wisdom gives him the required satisfaction that he attains from his parents and surroundings. Such a person is not much open to other’s views and perceptions towards life. He sometimes seeks to force his thoughts onto others with a view of general development. But, because of this habit the native is not able to make much good friends. The native’s mind is spiritually and religiously well developed. But, he does not believe in following a particular religion blindly.  Such a person is good at taking initiatives to form plans.Everything that he does has a preformed executable plan. 


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