Aries in 7th House | 7th House Aries

by Hindu Astrology 18. February 2012 10:35

A seventh house Aries indicates that the native’s life partner will be assertive. Despite of being easy going, the native will be attracted to energetic, aggressive, sexy, innovative partners. It is good to have a partner who is not deterred by obstacles and knows well how to handle them. A person with a seventh house Aries cannot be dominated easily. He knows how to stand up and speak up for himself when being offended.

A person with a seventh house Aries is highly idealistic in the areas concerning his attractions and marriage. He should adopt a sense of practicality in the actual forming of associations. A considerable amount of emotional impulse is indicated which is intensified by a natural desire for companionship with the opposite sex. Marital bliss are indicated if the native will not be able to control the impulsive side of his emotions. The native should avoid doing business on partnership basis or be very discriminative towards his partners. Otherwise, it can cause numerous problems.

A person with a seventh house Aries is easy going in his approach, but does not like to take initiatives. Such a person prefers to wait for the others to break to ice and has to be turned on by others. He is considerably subject to discard domination in most of his affairs. This is generally an unfavorable situation for a smooth relationship with partner. The native allows others to control him yet resists at the same time that leads to fights and aggressive acts.

Strong attractions and emotional impulses serve a great deal to the native to form attachments. Such a person tends to find a companion and life long partner to share his most cherished moments of life. The native should avoid being too shy when it comes to the fulfillment of hopes and desires. There is a natural tendency of going after his dreams and desires until achieved. Such a person finds an active and energetic soul mate, but there may be a tendency to dominate the relationship which could cause frictions. The more rigid an agreement might be, the more problems could develop over the long haul. Such a person is a peace lover, but seventh house Aries indicates conflicts in marital life. Anyone who wants to live with him must live up to to his expectations.


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