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by Hindu Astrology 2. February 2012 11:35

A fifth house Aquarius makes a person carefree in nature. Such a person tends to enter into unconventional and unusual relationships throughout his life. He is often attracted to unusual and interesting people. Therefore, showing his unconventional outlook towards love and romance. However, such a person is cool and detached as far as love matters are concerned. A person with a fifth house Aquarius has a distinct personality, yet he enjoys companionship. Companionship provides him with a sense of comfort and happiness in life. He possesses the attribute to entertain others and himself at any point of time.

A person with a fifth house Aquarius has a creative outlook towards life. Creativity is the way to express his rebellious and nonconforming nature. Such a person has a flair for artistic activities, especially music. He is inclined towards learning and playing piano. A fifth house Aquarius ensures occasional luck in gambling and speculations.

The native usually has a huge circle of friends and acquaintances. Most of his friends will be associated with some or the other kind of progressive movement or belong to scientific background. Such a person does not care about what people has to say about him. He possesses a carefree attitude towards everything in life.

A person with a fifth house Aquarius is very sociable and enjoys recreational activities with his friends. As far as romance is concerned he may have to experience sudden breakups. The native cannot compromise with his independence for anyone at any point of time in life. He is blessed with a rare kind of luck in relationships with others through romance, love-making, and relations with children. Love affairs will develop through social contacts or may be a long lasted friendship will turn into a love affair that will consequently lead to marriage. The native may have to make a decision in the event of two or more love interests. This will surely not be an easy decision to make.  

A fifth house Aquarius indicates a small-to-moderate size family. The native will feel strong and genuine love for his children. Such a person will be genuinely concerned about his children’s upbringing and future. Children may have a rebellious nature and need to be taught discipline at an early age to avoid future consequences. The domestic life will be peaceful and nurturing. Each member of the family will be treated with equal respect. 


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