Aquarius in 3rd House | 3rd House Aquarius

by Hindu Astrology 6. January 2012 17:55

A Third house Aquarius denotes a sparkling intellect and an inventive mind. They are original in their thinking that can be seen in their writings. They possess a pattern of thinking that is well ahead of their time and can sometimes be radical as well. Different and innovative ideas can grab their attention very quickly. People with this placement have strong urge to learn and educate themselves just to pass on their knowledge to others. Education for them is a medium to learn new things, rather than just for preparing them to earn. They are outspoken in nature and prone to say whatever first comes to their mind. Such people are prone to random mood swings, but very well know how to get them in control. Their thinking is based on humanitarian grounds.

People with third house Aquarius are always full of exciting and unpredictable ideas. Their ideas come in flashes, but they are capable of putting them to practical application. Unusual topics and subject matters fascinate them. They are able to communicate their ideas in exciting and ingenious ways and have the ability to grab every one’s attention. Aquarius in this placement makes a person intuitive in nature.The native has an intense natural desire to enjoy research work, especially if it is connected with the scientific world. Other forms such as character reading, astrology, palmistry also appeal to them.

Third house Aquarius stimulates the travelling urge of the native. They are inclined towards road travels and find it equally exciting and adventurous. Circumstance will play a major part in determining the exact amount of travel undertaken based on native’s financial and business positions. They are progressive in life and their ideas always have practical approach that helps them to achieve their goals soon. Their urge to learn never ends. They like to share their knowledge and thoughts with others and appreciate those with high intellect. Relationships for people with this placement do not bring stability. They share an unusual and peculiar relationships with brothers, sisters, and neighbors, who come unexpectedly in and out of their  life.


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