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by Hindu Astrology 11. December 2011 12:00

A person with a twelfth house Aquarius is always interested in the matters related to the subconscious mind. These can be matters related to intuition, insight, habits etc. Such a person also shows a keen interest in matters related to the hidden laws of the universe. Such a person thinks a lot about the beginning and the end of univers. Questions about life are also a common phenomenon which can be related to a person with a twelfth house Aquarius. Such a person is often labelled as a dreamer by his friends and acquaintances due to his thoughts and ideas which may seem to be weird.

A person with a twelfth house Aquarius is remarkably systematic and objective in his thinking. Such a person also possesses high humanitarian ideals which put him ahead of his time in the inner realms of awareness. The responsibility of Aquarius is service to others and if you fail in this, you tend to feel hemmed in, restrained, and of little worth. Hence, a person with a twelfth house Aquarius is always connected to some kind of social service, donations or charity works. Such a person has a keen interest in doing something for the society and the betterment of the world and mankind.

A person with a twelfth house Aquarius tends to inhibit most if not all the originality, uniqueness, and individuality otherwise indicated in his chart. Such a person can too easily become a mere puppet who does not have his own opinion and can be manipulated easily by others. This is not to suggest total non-conformity is to be selected as the correct or proper alternative, but one should at least try to be himself. A person with a twelfth house Aquarius should try to find and value his individuality. He should also remember the fact that most persons of historical significance are remembered for what they accomplished through the use of their originality, not their purely ordinary attributes.

Some believe that a twelfth house Aquarius is a very bad position. It is the sign of friendship and good nature, but here the natural goodness and charm of Aquarius will be viciously taken advantage of by foolish friends. Hence, such a person’s harmony could be easily transformed into hatred and bitterness. A person with a twelfth house Aquarius does not have the potential to understand that some people are evil in this world. Hence, such a person would himself become evil in order to handle his problems.

A person with a twelfth house Aquarius may enjoy exploring the spiritual realms through metaphysical means such as meditation, astrology and the occult. Such a person requires constant sympathy and support of his friends which may create some problems. Such a person has an unconscious desire to serve humanity and a universal awareness that enables him to tap the deeper levels of consciousness.


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