To Get Details About Your Entire Future Life, Create Online Kundli

by astrowriter4 16. February 2011 10:33

There are many sites online that will create our Janmakundali for us for free. One such site is: which requires the birth date, time and location. To create online Kundli, I have submitted the details for a girl named Gita who was born at 2:10PM in the afternoon on August 6, 2000.  The country of the birth is USA and the city is Chicago. I did not have to fill in the latitude and longitude since the values were fed forms the Astrobix Kundli maker. This online program will inform us details about our life such as Lagna-Kundali, Birth Rashi, Nakshatra, Lagna, charts, Vedic astrology analysis and insights into your personality, like and dislikes as well as job, family and other personal trends.

Within seconds after putting in my data into the panels of the “create online Kundli page” on, there was a link for me to download and read the Gita’s Kundli.  No fuss, no questions. The kundli is in PDF format and so it is easy to download or read it off the webpage. It is beautiful enough to print and keep forever. First comes the details such as date of birth, time of birth and place of birth are shown as inputs. Then details such as Avkahada Chakra, Ghatak (Malefics), Lucky humbers, Good numbers, Evil numbers, Good years, Lucky days, Lucky metal, stone, time and direction, Good planets, Friendly signs, Good Lagna, Sun sign, etc. then comes the planetary positions at birth time with the planets, Direct or retro, Rashi, Lord, Degrees, Nakshatra-qtr, Lord, Karak, friendly/enemy house details are printed.

Next in the Create Online Kundli series came the Lagna Kundali accompanied by a beautiful birth chart with positions of planets and then comes the predictions including specific characteristics, mental qualities, physical attributes, general state of health, education and profession, wealth and inheritance, Marriage and married life, Travel and journeys, Lucky stone, etc. As you can see there is so much information about the person that it will help them all their life. The PDF document may be downloaded and stored in your computer or printed for future use. Since this is a free service, one can print out free kundlis for everyone in the family. Using the information, one can avoid a lot of problems and find solutions for other issues that may arise. However, there is nothing more wonderful than knowing our strengths, weaknesses and the times when we need to be careful. It is wonderful to get so much information about ourselves absolutely free of charge.


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