The uses of Shri Yantra Pendant

by Hindu Astrology 2. March 2011 08:00

"Shri" means health and "Yantra" – means "tool" or “instrument”. Thus Shri Yantra is an instrument for health. This instrument brings not only physical health and sense of physical satisfaction. But also something much more valuable - it is spiritual poise and serenity. Because the peace of mind is the key to health and happiness. Shri Yantra Pendant has the power to deal with all negative energy that is constantly circling around us. Everyone who uses the Shri Yantra gets an incredible feeling of peace and harmony.

Shri Yantra is a geometric intersection of nine triangles. As four of these triangles intersect at the top and five at the bottom. Four triangles that are pointing up triangle Shiva (the male force) and the five points below are Shakti or Durga (female power). Together the large triangles make 43 small triangles that represent the the illusion perception of good and evil.  Shri Yantra pendants are symbols of power and energy. Shri Yantra pendant protect man - woman relationship. They give meaning of the life because people are created not only to exist but to live in peace and harmony with each other.

There are different kinds of Shri Yantra Pendants. These are rings, necklace and many other types. It is a real art to create such kind of pendants. However, people who make it say that it is a real pleasure that they can help people to smooth their minds. People all over the world like the pendants and feel amazing energy when wear this kind of powerful piece. You can find them gold-plated or silver. How can we make Sri Yantra pieces even more helpful? Some traditions use it as an object of meditation. When there is anxiety in your mind, Shri Yantra will be with you. You become Sri Yantra when manifest ecstatic vibration of OM, which is the sound of Kundalini / Shakti delighting its Shiva within you. As this happens throughout the body, you become the Shri Yantra. Shri Yantra is the presentation of your nervous system when it operates in a spiritual stuporous.

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