The Benefits Of Wearing The Gemstone Cats Eye

by astrowriter4 10. February 2011 15:25

Our lives are controlled or directed by the movement of planets along with the Sun and the Moon in the solar system. Although other planets also influence our life, they may be too far away from our planet Earth to make a huge impact. However, Vedic astrologers are aware of the influence of the planets and the Lunar nodes Rahu and Ketu on our lives. In Vedic astrology, the position of the Moon at the time of birth of an individual is of more importance to our future lives. When a birth chart is prepared, the time of birth and the position of the Moon at the time of birth decide the future of the child. When the Lunar node Ketu affects our birth chart negatively, many things may go wrong such as emotional detachment, physical and mental weakness, etc. As a universal remedy for these ailments, the stone Cat’s eye is prescribed by Vedic astrologers as a remedy for these problems.

 The gemstone Cat’s eye bears a resemblance to the color or neem fruit with a silver colored streak across it. It may come in other colors such as white, yellow, pale blue, light red, etc. It is believed to get rid of obstacles and evil effects that may happen to people. If a birth chart does not have a well placed Ketu position, this stone will help safeguard them from further damage. Ketu can cause loss of reputation and unnecessary conflicts with family members and friends. It also helps relieve tension and reduces anxiety for the wearer. Another advantage of wearing the Cat’s eye stone is that the wearer gets to enjoy the satisfaction of non-attachment, healing, wisdom and enlightenment.

The stone Cat’s eye is also known to help people who own a business that is not doing too well. It not only protects the person who wears it, it also guarantees financial steadiness and hope in life. For those suffering from depression or disinterest in the affairs of the world around them, this solution is a dream come true. As people who face the malefic influences of Ketu can attest to, this stone alleviates a lot of their troubles and allow them to live a happy, prosperous and peaceful life.

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