Method Used to Calculate Rashi or Moon Sign

by astrowriter4 8. February 2011 11:57

Vedic Astrologers use the information of the phase of the Moon to create the birth chart of individuals. This information also allows them to predict the entire life of that individual, day by day, month by month or for their entire lifetime. To find the Moon sign of an individual, two pieces of information needs to be available to astrologers so that they can calculate Rashi from it. These pieces of information include the exact time of birth and the location of the birth.

To calculate Rashi (Moon sign) of an individual, the Vedic astrologers use the location co-ordinates such as longitude and latitude of the birth town and use a complex mathematical chart to find out the astrological sign that the Moon is in on that day at that particular time.

If you wish to find your Rashi or Moon sign, check out this wonderful site:

Your Moon sign will disclose the major milestones in your life and also help you understand your own feelings, personality and goals in life. To calculate Rashi, go to the above site and enter your birth details such as name, gender, birth time as day, month, year, hour and minutes, place of birth including country and city as well as the longitude and latitude of your birth location.

After entering the exact information, the input will be used to calculate Rashi and your Moon sign will be revealed. When you are aware of your Moon sign, remember to check that sign when you look at your daily, monthly and yearly horoscope. If you do not know any of the above requisites, the astrologers at that site may be able to help you find out. They may be able to find out your future even if the exact time of birth is off by a few minutes. Since Western astrology predicts your future using your birth time too, it may be wise to check the predictions for your Sun sign as well as your Moon sign and see which one is more accurate in your life.The Rashi names corresponding to each of the signs in the Zodia are: Aries-Mesh Rashi, Taurus-Vrishabh Rashi, Gemini-Mithun Rashi, Cancer-Karka Rashi, Leo-Simha Rashi, Virgo-Kanya Rashi, Libra-Tula Rashi, Scorpio-Vrischik Rashi, Sagittarius-Dhanu Rashi, Capricorn-Makara Rashi, Aquarius-Kumbh Rashi, Pisces-Meena Rashi.

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