Making a horoscope

by astrowriter4 24. June 2011 06:56

Making a horoscope is getting easier every day. In the past,  if we wanted to get a horoscope created, we had to travel to the house of a well-known (and busy) astrologer that we can trust, sit down and give her the details of the birth such as time of birth, date of birth and the actual location of the birth. Then, we have to go home and wait  for a month or two while the astrologer uses his ancient Vedic tools and painstakingly calculates the star, rashi, rising planets, transiting planets, positions of the lunar nodes, the position of the Sun and Moon when the child was born and a million other details. After the astrologer makes a little book with the house diagram on front and the written details behind, they alert us by messenger to return to their house for a discussion. In that discussion, we will learn all about the person and some of the pariharams or remedies that they need to perform for a happy and fulfilling life.


Now-a-days, however, making a horoscope is far from the struggling procedures of the past. Today, we can just email or chat with or call the astrologer and within a few minutes you will be able to receive the horoscope via email or published as a pdf etc. This convenience came up as a result of the IT revolution in the past 2 decades. Some of the smart Vedic astrologers who were experts in math as well as programming decided to input all of the information including the old graphs, calculation of planet positions and transits into the computer. 


This idea soon spread and now making a horoscope is shortened from months to mere seconds. As the internet evolves, we will see more such astrology features in addition to kundli matching and making a horoscope. Currently, we have daily, monthly and yearly horoscopes for free along with Saturn sadesati predictions, career for 12 months, lal kitab yearly analysis, manglik yoga remedies, lucky gemstones, numerology analysis, finance prospects, education and degree outlook, fortune, married life reports, etc. Some of these reports are available for free while others are offered at reasonable prices online.

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