Maharishi Bhrigu Astrological Predictions

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One of the great seven Vedic sages, Maharishi Bhrigu was called a Saptarshi because he was one of the celebrated seven great prajapatis formed by Brahma.  It is believed that Brahma just wished to have a son and and so the Maharishi Bhrigu came into existence with the sole duty of supporting the progression of creation.  Among all the Rishis of Hinduism, Maharishi Bhrigu is most known for his astrological classic that he wrote during the Vedic period now called the Bhrigu Samhita. Samhita is a classical text that is a compilation of knowledge from various sources. This classic included many predictions for the people who lived in that age. So this classic is also referred to as Bhrigu’s predictions.

As a result of his classic collection of powerful astrological data, Maharishi Bhrigu is known as the father of Hindu Astrology. The Bhrigu Samhita includes over five million horoscopes, allegedly the fate of every human in the Universe at that time. Although this jyothish classic is completely attributed to the Guru, it may have been his students or sishyas who actually compiled this timeless granth or classic for the ages. Many of these horoscopes and Bhrigu’s predictions survived through the ages.

As the first collection ever, Maharishi Bhrigu’s treatise in predictive astrology, it was possible to record life events of many people. This practice led to the creation of a database that allowed the study of time and its quality with regards to a person’s life. This dissertation is called The Brihat Parasara Hora (time) Shastra and it was based on the planets and their positions. The various heavenly bodies, including the Sun, Moon, the planets, Rahu and Ketu (nodes of the Moon) and other indications. It is also believed that Maharishi Bhrigu compiled more horoscopes with the help of Lord Ganesha.  Using Bhrigu predictions, it was possible to draw up as many as 45 million horoscopes at that time.

During the Muslim invasion of India, a large part of these collections were lost or destroyed by the invading armies.  In one such incident, the looters destroyed the ancient Nalanda University library which housed a collection of these ancient horoscopes.  Currently, the few remaining horoscopes with Bhrigu Predictions are in the hands of various Brahmin families throughout India, particularly in the region of Punjab.

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