Love Or Arranged Marriage Prediction Is Calculated By Looking At The Birth Chart

by astrowriter4 16. February 2011 09:29

Most people, even when they are very young, think of what kind of partner they will have when they are married. Most people when they see others of the opposite gender will wonder who will be their partner for life. Questions like “When will I get married?” or “Will my husband or wife love me?” or “will I marry a foreigner?” etc. In fact, no one can tell you about Love or Arranged marriage prediction better than a Vedic astrologer. If the 7th house from Lagna in the natal chart has Venus, then the woman has a chance to get married. Likewise, if the 7th house from the Lagna has Saturn, then the man may have marriage in his horoscope. Similarly, there are other indications in the horoscope of women and men whether they will get married or not.

The ancient sages dealt with the horoscopes of men and women and came up with the treatise Jataka Parijata which expresses the principles and possibilities of marriage in the charts of women and men. Even if the horoscope shows that marriage may be difficult or never, there are many remedies that will help the person such as Yantra, Mantra and puja.  Also, people who are not sure if they will ever get married can avail the use of an expert Astrologer who will give you gemstones that have the power to change your destiny. Also, your spirit is more powerful than any indication on your birth chart. There are many ways in which you can overcome a situation by “putting your mind (spirit) to the grindstone” so that love or arranged marriage predictions that you desire may come true in your life.

Love or arranged marriage prediction is performed by looking at the natal or birth chart of an individual. Marriage is life beginning anew. The love of another human being in addition to a new home and new surroundings can be quite unnerving for many. However, most couples settle into this new life without much fuss. If they are compatible, their life blossoms and creates yet more human beings. As you can see, whatever happens is for a reason. If the marriage happens and the couple lives happily ever after, it means that they were meant to be happy together. If the couple is not happy and have troubles after the marriage, the Vedic astrologer can easily help the couple to get through the rough patches and when they both have good times, the bond can be re-established. Relationships are never easy, but with a loving heart and a strong mind, one can overcome any obstacles on the way of life.


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pls read my horo 27nov1984  13:45  delhi

when will i get married? love or arranged?


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