Kundli prediction and marriage proposal

by Hindu Astrology 18. February 2011 08:23

Kundli matching is very important factor which everybody has to consider before fixing marriage. Marriage without proper kundli matching persons will create lots of problems in future.  Kundli is an astrological chart containing nine planets positioned in a specific manner according to time of birth. Kundli prediction gives exact results of the matching including problems and solutions by which we can move forward. Few issues can be solved with the help of remedies but few are not possible to solve which are complicated. It is a strong belief that the marriage between two persons whose kundli matching is good will gives better life in future. It became a main system nowadays to check kundli matching before arranging marriage. Also this is part of Indian culture.

Experienced astrologists can easily make kundli prediction by checking kundli’s of both male and female. There are few things out of some must match with other for better married life. From kundli chart an astrologist can identify many factors such as wealth, success in life and about the children. The main problem in a kundli is manglik dosha. It is based on the position of planet mars. If mars stands in 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or in 12th house it is called manglik dosha. Planet mars is of fire and heat and due to this the persons with manglik dosha also of same nature such as tension, argument, rage and violence. As per kundli matching marriage between manglik and non manglik is not advisable as it cause major problems in future. If marriage between manglik and non manglik happens death of spouse also can happen.

As kundli matching is must for a happy married life it increases the value of kundli prediction.  Nowadays we can check kundli matching online also which is more convenient and fast. By this we can check kundli matching from home itself with few mouse clicks. Lots of web sites are offering kundli prediction services and few of them are free and others are chargeable where we can access more detailed information. So just aware that kundli matching is must for happy married life.

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