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by astrowriter4 14. July 2011 06:03

When horoscopes match, it means that there is a grand wedding ceremony for all to attend. In India, it is not the parents or the couple in love that decides the date of the marriage or the time when the couple “ties the knot”. This point of time is very auspicious and only an expert Vedic astrologer is allowed to decide it. The astrologer consults his charts, maps, planet positions and most of all, the horoscopes of the two loving people who cannot wait to get married.


From the moment the news that the horoscopes match have come into the ears of the family members, there is joy and a sense of wonder as two previously single individuals are now connected to each other for eternity. Indian marriages are made in heaven as they usually tend to last. In recent times, things have changed dramatically. However, India still has the lowest incidence of divorce in the world. Now, as the new generation of youths find independence and move to other parts of India in search for jobs, they decide to take life into their hands. At times, the physical attraction also turns to emotional and spiritual unity. However, most of the time, the couples, who were not horoscope matched, may decide that their romance is over and decide to divorce. 


At this point, the couple may think that they are free to love again as they please. In most western countries, this is not a problem as the “D” word is just another one in the dictionary. On the other hand, in India, divorce is a also a “D” or dirty word, one in which the divorced couple can experience a lot of hypocrisy and ridicule for no reason. If such a divorce happens, it is best for the young people to go to a respected Vedic astrologer and find a horoscope match so that the next marriage will be an awesome one. If they do not go for horoscopes match and still tries to find a match by “looking” or as a result of emotional attraction, their story may be repeated many times.





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