Horoscope Based On Birth Date And Time

by astrowriter4 6. April 2011 12:45

Once upon a time, in early India, the Rishis used their powers to decode life events. One of the ways by which they found out more about an individual’s life was to look deep into the celestial world to find answers for the conditions on Earth and maybe other worlds too. These Rishis were learned and wise people, women and men, and they deciphered the logic of life itself. They had the amazing instincts and also knew that they had to compile their knowledge and pass it on to the following generations. They were the forefathers of Astrology which is the science of creating a horoscope based on birth date and time.


The fact that the ancient sages decided to pass it on to future generations was fortunate for us because many people have been helped by this science of prediction. Vedic astrology was the playing field of many families associated with older generations of Vedic astrologers who were of the Brahmin sect and were the only ones who could make these birth charts. Thanks to the benevolence and intelligence of a few pundits in India, this vidya or science is now at the finger tips of billions of people through the magic of software. Now it just takes less than a minute to create a horoscope based on birth date and time.


http://astrobix.com/horoscope/birthchart/  has a wonderful interface for those who wish to create their horoscope based on birth date and time. The FREE Vedic horoscope that the above site creates for us includes the kundli with information on ascendants, sun sign analysis, planetary transits, lucky gemstones, kalasarpa yoga, Moonsign, nakshatra, lagna, charts and many insights into your personality, inclinations, advantages, talents, likes and dislikes, career prospects and countries you may travel to, when to change jobs, when to start a business, when to go to temples and what mantra, Yantra or Tantra you will need for a happy life. It may also include other type of kundlis, your marriage and child prospects, healthy and illness durations and prospects and many remedies for each of these events. A Vedic horoscope is like a complete map of our life and it allows us to see where we have been and where will are going in the future.

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