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by Hindu Astrology 5. February 2011 03:00

The kundli method was developed by ancient Yogi’s in India. Kundli is the presentation of the 9 planets at the time of your birth. Those nine planets are all sited in the astrology houses. It is a belief that every planet and their different positions have significant meaning in our life. In fact, every person has its own unique specific kundli chart. All living things and non living objects have their own kundali. Online match kundli will help you to calculate the great things in your life and the matching area is the most widely used.

The online match kundli is based on the pre historic vedic astrology called Ashtakoot Guna Milap, or the eight fold matching. This process will tell the couples compatibility.

According to vedic, the relationship can be established if there is a high level of past dues in both couples. The past dues means, former life. A disparity on kundli level indicates that they don’t have enough past dues to become husband and wife. Online match kundli might be an instrument to decide if you are meant for each other. Even if there is a green light, there can be still other issues that will hinder your relationship as married individual.

Utilizing online match kundli or the astrologer itself, things like education, job, health and wealth are assessed through the planets position in the different houses of horoscope. The marital happiness that may come is believed to be destined in your birth chart. Therefore, the marital happiness will depend in your birth.

There are lots of website to do online match kundli, however you should take into consideration that you have to choose a reliable and experienced astrologer to interpret the result of your charts. Keep in mind that online match kundli might feed your doubts regarding your relationship status. If you will put too much importance on the result, you might destroy a marriage instead of having good chance to conquer the challenges that might be encountered. Don’t forget that you get married because you want to settle your life and you cannot avoid any trials that may come.

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